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How do I take a course?

First consult the training program offered
    Choose the course you are interested in
    Complete the online transaction by following these steps:
        If you are a member, log in to your account
        If you are not a member, sign up first (it's free) then log in
        Pay by credit card
        Begin your training. The chosen course is automatically activated to your account
* You can also consult the information page on the site
   How do I take a course?
   Or simply contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

With which course should I start?

You can start with the course that attracts you the most.
Then, by consulting the step-by-step videos that accompany the course, you will see if you can carry out the different stages of the projects from your installation or if it is preferable that you use the methods and the tooling proposed in the course. If this is the case, you can easily buy back an appropriate course and complete your installation or learn a method before proceeding with your project.
* It is up to you to decide if you need cutting guides and clamping tools.
Every handyman has a unique installation adapted to his needs. It is therefore possible that your equipment and your installation will allow you to reach the final result of the project without having to use the guides and the tools proposed in the course.

Could I be guided and advised before starting classes?

Certainly! It's always a pleasure to lead a woodworking enthusiast in the right direction!
Never hesitate to send an e-mail. By telling me your goals and the kind of tools you own, I will already be able to suggest the courses most suited to your needs. I will be happy to guide you to start your training.
* Send me an e-mail: [email protected]

How long do I have access to purchased courses?

When you buy a course, it activates your account and it remains available as long as you are a member of Woodworking Atelier Online. So you can go back and refer to it as often as you like.

Can I watch videos multiple times?

Yes, it is also an advantage offered by the online courses of Woodworking Atelier Online. The accompanying step-by-step videos are available at all times. You can view them as many times as you like.
To watch them, you only need an Internet connection to connect to your account.