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Precision Cutting Guides System


Table saw sleds
Make 3 sleds for your table saw. They are safe and efficient to perform miter cuts, crosscuts and rip cuts on your small and large pieces of wood.

19 step-by-step videos included


Router table top
Work safely, efficiently and with precision using this fully adjustable router table top.

17 step-by-step videos included


Band saw table top
With a good size table top, you will have more fun working with this tool. The suggested circle guide and rip guide will also facilitate specialized cuts

14 step-by-step videos included


Router circle guide
Get perfect circles of 3 inches in diameter and more or circle arcs of varying sizes with a mobile router

13 step-by-step videos included


Drill press table top
Make a work surface with an anchor system and install guide supports precisely and quickly to perform your repetitive drilling tasks.

12 step-by-step videos included

Booklet with detailed drawings included with each course

Booklet with detailed drawings included with each course

Take control of the precision of your work and increase your safety in the workshop

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Materials required - Cutting sleds

Baltic birch plywood or equivalent:
2.5 sheets 60 "X 60" - 5/8 "
(1525 mm X 1525 mm - 15 mm)

0.5 sheet 48 "X 96" - 1/8 "
(1220 mm X 2440 mm - 3 mm)